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Content ideation, direction, filming, editing, marketing, write the theme tune, sing the theme tune...



  • Shared by multiple media outlets including UNILAD, Pretty52, and 9GAG
  • Written about by PopSugar, Women's Health and GQ
  • Created a heated topical debate (of over half a million comments) between chicken nugget lovers, yoga teachers and vegans.

The video gained a total of over 40 million views and 500k comments over the space of a few weeks.

Satirical Editing

The video was watched over 20 million times, shared by over 150,000 people and created intense debates with over 66,000 comments.


The video amassed over 200 million views across 3 Facebook pages and gained over 2 million likes in the space of a few weeks.

the beginning

One of Goubtube's first viral videos, released in the early summer of 2016, managed an amazing 20 million views on the original Facebook upload. This simple, quick and relatable video helped Goubtube grow a loyal following.



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