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It all starts with an idea

Working alongside Social Media Influencers, his work has been watched over 1 billion times in 2016 alone. As the co-owner and production side of Goubtube, Alex has helped to grow an engaging community across the globe.


Satirical Editing

This faux horror movie trailer provoked a strong reaction among the audience, with both genders interpreting the meaning behind the film in vastly different ways.  It reached the first page of r/videos on Reddit with over 2,500 points, was covered on US TV show 'Right This Minute' and shared by various online media outlets including the MTV UK Facebook page, UNILAD, 9GAG and many more.

"This was something completely different compared to what we usually do.  Most satirical sketches follow the same kind of format, and I wanted to step out of the box and create something fresh. Structuring a completely fake film trailer was no easy feat, but the edit was by far the most challenging part of the process - which is exactly why I wanted to try it. "

The video was watched over 20 million times, shared by over 150,000 people and created intense debates with over 66,000 comments.

It is currently Goubtube's 3rd most viral video.



The video 'Sleeping Next To Your Girlfriend' is a great example of how a simple, relatable idea can go viral beyond expectations. Covered on American TV show 'Right This Minute', the video amassed over 200 million views across 3 Facebook pages and gained over 2 million likes in the space of a couple of months.


the beginning

One of Goubtube's first viral videos, released in the early summer of 2016, managed an amazing 20 million views on the original Facebook upload. This simple, quick and relatable video helped Goubtube grow a loyal following.



"Goubtube is an ever-growing community with incredible levels of engagement. If you're a brand interested in working together, please have a look at our deck with further stats and case studies."